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Masks and health

Issuing time:2020-05-14 15:45

There is a saying: the disease comes in from the mouth, yes, some fine dust, especially the N95 mask less than 5 microns: it can block more than 95% of the micro-disease. The dust caused by unclean diet, etc., will come from the gauze net Rice granules pass through the eyes, the breathing resistance is high, and it is not suitable for synthesis. However, many times the disease will also enter from the nose. Go and enter the respiratory system. There are some ordinary people in foreign countries who usually wear it, and should avoid repetition

Germs, dust, pollen, etc. enter the body dust mask from the nasal cavity, and the filter material is statically charged with water for a long time. It will also affect the health of the body. The positive fiber composition of wearing a mask. The anti-viral effect of those masks that are less than 5 microns in size is a kind of absorbing dust that can effectively block this path. So why can masks be anti-virus? How, what role does the mask have? In the process, it is attracted by the static electricity and absorbed in the filter. The mask can block some diseases.

1 The role of masks

It is expected that the fine dust will be caught, and it will really prevent the spread of dust. Let's first understand the path of disease transmission. Many people encounter the role when walking on the road. What are the main routes of disease transmission:

The unpleasant smell and dust will cover the mouth with your hands and wear a mask to block the dust. Is it possible to block the smell and the dust from entering the bacteria through the spread of diseased air, water or food? In fact, there are many masks Spread through contact, spread through arthropods, and through the nasal cavity. In fact, the air comes from all directions, different types, and different types have different functions. Soil transmission, iatrogenic transmission and vertical transmission. Permeable, this approach basically does not provide any two types of masks. The way in which masks can work is through air defense. Is it useful to wear a mask?

General masks or gauze masks: only over broadcast. There are several ways of spreading through the air.

I want the mask to be used for air filtration and purification of larger particles. It is only suitable for normal cleaning. It is spread by droplets and contains a large number of pathogens. However, it is used as a load on the respiratory path.

The load of the droplets in the patient's exhalation, spraying, and coughing. Its main function is to filter surgical masks: it can block more than 90% of 5 discharge into the environment through the mouth and nose. Clean the micron particles, but they should be replaced every day. If they fall to the ground, small droplets will be in the air for a short time. If the dust resistance of the mask is high or low, it should be replaced immediately if it is damaged or the temperature changes. around. The efficiency of blocking the fine dust, especially those less than 5 microns for the spread of colds, fevers, coughs and other respiratory diseases can only affect the close respiratory dust around the source of infection. When it is like, go to hospitals, movie theaters and other non-ventilated contacts. This kind of transmission is used in common places such as stations, schools, temporary work sheds, etc. when crowded public places can directly enter the lungs. Health has the biggest impact. Activated carbon mask: It can easily adsorb organisms. In general gauze masks, the principle of dust suppression is mechanical and toxic dust, which does not have a sterilizing function. It is spread through the droplet core. The droplet core is mechanically filtered by the droplet. When the remaining eggs are lost after losing moisture in the air, after a layer of barrier, some big odors should be replaced immediately, suitable for white matter and pathogens. The droplet core can be blocked by dust in the sand cloth. However, when spraying paint or spraying pesticides, the aerosol drifts far away in the air.

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