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What is the correct way to wear a mask

Issuing time:2020-05-14 15:48

With the improvement of people's living standards, the current tools for going out of the home are changing from bicycles to steam cars,

It is the increase of automobile exhaust that leads to environmental pollution, and now everyone dare not go out without wearing a mask, the city

There are many types of masks on the face, and different types of masks are also worn differently. If the wearing method is incorrect, it will affect the mouth.

For single use, I will bring you three different masks to wear correctly.

First plane port

How to wear the hood correctly

Flat masks, also known as bandage masks, are mainly used in medical and health industries, such as medical surgical mouths

cover. The correct way to wear a face mask is as follows

Medical surgical masks have white and blue sides, white

Facing inwards, the side with the metal canopy facing up, first pinch the lower two canvas straps around the neck, and tighten the bottom of the mask

Reach the root of the chin.

The Taiyuan strap of the mask is pulled up, the mask is covered with the mouth and nose, and the upper two canals are pulled

Tighten behind your ears, not on your ears

Use two hands to press the gold on the root of the nose of the mask

It is made of silk, so that it adheres to the skin of the nose, and then the sides of the index finger move toward each other.

Wear the second folding mask correctly

Foldable dust mask with unique design shape, with excellent nose clip and headband,

Ensure a good fit with the face. The correct way to wear is as follows

"The side of the folding dust mask without the nose clip makes the nose

The clip is located above the mask, holding the mask on your face by hand and holding the mask against your chin.

Pull the head up

Over the top of the head, placed above the head.

Pull the lower head gull over the top of the head and place it under the ear behind the neck

Put your fingers on the metal nose clip in the middle of the work, press inward and move your fingertips along the nose clip to the sides until you press the nose clip

Until it is fully pressed into the shape of the nose bridge

How to wear the third cup mask correctly

The mask is the best one of the three types of dust masks at present. Because the appearance design of the dust mask is concave and convex,

In addition, there is a sealing pad at the nose bridge of the mask, which is more comfortable to wear feces while ensuring the tightness of the dust mask.

Hand holding

Medical mask, nose clip is in the position of finger loss, let the headband hang below the hand

Put the mask on the chin and cover it


Fix the position of the medical mask by hand, put on the headband and place it above the ear, behind the head

See, the lower headband is placed below the back of the ear.

Pinch two fingers on the metal nose clip, from the middle

At the beginning of the position, press the nose clip inwards with your fingers, and move to the sides and dip, respectively, according to the shape of the nose bridge to shape the nose clip.

After learning how to wear different masks correctly, it is very helpful to our physical health. I hope you can

Only by taking it seriously can we better fight for our family and career with a good body.

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